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Next Wallet Updates

NVO Team announcements

The next wallet update will cover the following features:

● Added Multithreading. Better performances, less freezes, informations are processed more efficiently, you should get small spikes of CPU activity instead of a single full CPU activity.
● Added Logger. Everything happening on the wallet is logged on different levels, all of these logs are saved locally in your user-data folder and can be checked at any moment.
● Added API failover. There are several APIs available to get blockchain informations, untill now, we used one for each, with this update, we use different sources.
● Did some UI and Bug fixes, more of them are coming.
● Added Auto-updater. It is the most important update as we no longer have to provide huge updates, and can release bug fixes updates.

The update will contain the following:

● disable loading video.
● Set the amount of threads to use
● gap size management (the amount of empty addresses to be generated at all time)
● improved transactions status message (when sending, it will give you more details about what happens if there is any error or a state different from "done")
● improved Addresses managements and sorting
● Improved transactions management and sorting
● New feature : Sign messages.
● New feature : Multiple accounts
● New feature : Restore from mnemonic (in the register/login screen)

NVO DEX Updates

NVO Team announcements

NVO CEX Updates

NVO Team announcements

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