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Questions & Answers July 2018

Team update

The NVO team is doing well. A phone meeting was arranged with Imed, the lead developer. Ton has had some hospital exams recently, but he's fine. Yanni is currently on vacation, his position has been temporarily filled so that development can continue uninterrupted.

What is the current status on the Veserus exchange?

The development is progressing well. The NVO team has been in partnership with CoinPayments since mid-2017. CoinPayments is operating in more than 182 countries. Due to this, Veserus will be available throughout different countries. The paperwork is submitted, the exchange will be released and operating. This process takes time.

When will the NVO DEX be released?

The NVO team is still ahead of schedule The target time frame is October to November 2018. The Bancor dec entralized exchange was hacked on June 10, 2018, millions of dollars were stolen. The development must be done very carefully in order not to cause such errors. Once a blockchain is up & running, only limited changes can be made. This stage is also called 'Security Hardening' and should be taken serious by everyone.

How many developers are working on the products?

As of right now, there are an estimated 76 to 100 developers actively developing on the DEX, the Wallet and Veserus.

What are the current roles within the team? Meaning, what are the responsibilities of Ton, Yanni and Imed?

Ton Bi is the head of marketing & is among other things responsible for managing the community. Yanni & Imed are the lead developers of the products.

When will the new website launch?

The design for the NVO website is currently in the works.

What is 'Project S'?

No information on that. It's a surprise!

Will there be a android/iOS version of the wallet/Veserus/NVO DEX at a later stage?

Yes, there will be a mobile version.

Who are our future competitors? Who do we want to be?

Being like Bittrex has been a goal for a long time. Nevertheless, the team is focusing on the biggest and most widely used exchange. Binance. In the long run, centralized exchanges will not be the solution. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and so should the exchanges be. The NVO DEX is aiming to be the best available decentralized exchange.

Anything else?

ByteCap.com is currently in the works. If you want to check out the demo version, click here

Questions & Answers April 2018

Will there be masternodes? If so, could you provide any definitive information?

Not for now. But keep in mind that no information is definitive as it can be changed depending on the requirements of the network.

Any more information about the nvo blockchain?

Not for now. But stay tuned, more infos on their way.

Is it a fork?

No, it is not a fork. It doesn't mean that it will be a 100% original codebase as most of the technologies are already existing. There will be original parts, and redistributed parts.

Will we have a "NVO" trading token for faster trading with instant 0-conf, no fees etc?

Not planned as of now, however, we can apply a special management to the NVST trading, but it wouldn't be fair to put a whole in the protocole.

How will the validator be decentralised?

Think of node network, communicating with each others, each node been a validator requested by the other nodes. A single validator isn't enough for a transaction to be validated, a corum will be required among the different validators available. Stay tuned for more details.

Will the wallet allow stacking, like neo with gas, or other coins that are PoS?

It will be a similar process, yet not fully comparable.

Can you provide us a list of all features the wallet will have on release?

This will be posted on the different supports, there is actually a list around but there are not enough details on it, the planification of the different features is important, and subject to change depending of the projects situations. The top prioties actually are the features included in v1.2

Will the dex release at least 2018?


What about mobile app? I remember it was supposed to be re-written to allow easy cross-platform development.

It is planned for V1.3 of the wallet, but apparently, we may rush it up and release it with v1.2, regarding the preparation on the code-side, it is almost finished as only a single step is left to be donne, and this step also alows for multiple accounts in the same computer.

What TPS (Transactions per second) does the NVO team have in mind.

The objective is as high as possible.

How will the TPS be guaranteed?

There is no such guarantee, it is an average over period t, it will also depend of the amount of valid transactions and the processing speed of each validator.

Will the TPS have a dependency on the number of active/online nodes and master nodes?

This is what we want to do as we want the nodes to be communicating with one another.

Why has the import of tokens to the wallet not yet been implemented? Do you have any XCP resistance?

No, it is already implemented "Passively", but we will be including a more "active" sweeping/importing.