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NVO Refund

All information about this event

Official Timeline (released 29/08/2018)

30/08/2018 | Vote Ends
30/08/2018 | Snapshot
31/08/2018 | Start of Refund

What happened? Team progress

It as decided that the project will not be continued as it is presented to the investors today. Due to an internal conflict, the team members have decided to carry on on their own.

On the 17th of August 2018 the voting process started. In was among others in the investors hands to either vote for or against a refund.

Follow up on Social Media

If you are an investor in the NVO Project, please make sure you check Telegram, Medium & Slack regularly. Important announcments will be posted there. Click on the 'Resources' tab in the left sidebar to find the above mentioned communcaiton

Voting Options

(1) Refund & the project will be discontinued
Voting Address: 17vvg1h5B5qwP2d2oz7t2GpXXpztxsmjNn

(2) No refund & the project will be continued.
Voting Address: 1Caux6gNUB55cALFk1EHiRY5Eo613yuGhE

If for example voting option (2) is chosen, we will offer a refund to the investors who have voted for option (1). This will ensure that every investors demands are satisfied & are ultimately not dragged into any unwanted situation.

The complete "How To Vote Guide" can be found on Medium

NVO Voting Statistics

Refund Address Balance Token
Yes 17vvg1h5B5qwP2d2oz7t2GpXXpztxsmjNn NVSTVOTING

NVO Voting Tracker

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NVO Refund Tracker

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